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    Professional Development and Training

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    More than 500 training sessions and projects successfully completed nationally and around the world.

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Training Visions strives to help individuals and businesses turn their dreams into tangible results. We use evidence-based research and professional insight to develop innovative, yet practical ideas to build high-impact solutions for our clients. We offer innovative classroom instruction and eLearning methods. Our high-quality interventions and services are culturally appropriate for diverse environments.

Our areas of expertise include professional development services, expert facilitation and designing training curriculum. These services can generate competence and confidence to be the best person, employee and organization.

Our progressive solutions are specific and customized to your company’s needs. Since 2004, Training Visions has successfully completed more than 500 training sessions and projects nationally and globally for individuals, as well as large, leading companies and government agencies.

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Professional Development & Training

Providing an integrated and holistic approach

Tailor-Made Training & Solutions

Utilizing innovative classroom instructions and eLearning methods


Develop a vision for and outline a broad agenda to achieve that vision.

Professional Training

Help individuals keep their skills sharp and current in an ever-changing landscape.

Specialty Training

Know your core values - discover your "True Colors."

Certification Programs

Acquire the knowledge and skills to qualify for national and global credentials.

  • National Science Foundation
  • University of Central Florida
  • Beaufort County Schools
  • Columbus State University
  • Department of Vetarans Affairs


  • " Dr. Givens is a gifted instructor who takes a personal interest in the journey of each professional pursuing the Career Development Facilitator certification. She presents the CDF material through a series of interactive and engaging activities that provides a roadmap to serve a broad client base. I was able to easily adapt the training and knowledge gained to immediately benefit the students I work with on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to expand their own knowledge of current trends on career assessments, career development programs, and employment trends! "

    Julie Markle

    School Counselor, Pritchardville Elementary School

  • " Sharon is a fantastic instructor who has a gift of connecting with her students, identifying their strengths and learning styles, and then tailoring her approach to best meet their needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the course I took from her, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive learning experience. "

    Brittany Leland

    Gonzaga University

  • " Dr. Givens is a dedicated, detail-oriented professional who goes above and beyond to make sure her trainees receive proper and ethical training. Moreover, she is thoughtful and considerate - I would recommend her to anyone! "

    Amanda G. Flora

    Counselor Educator/Career Development Consultant

  • " I became a CDF Instructor through Dr. Given's CDF Instructor Certification Program. She did an excellent job of customizing her instruction based on the clients that I serve. When I think of her as an instructor, the word sustainable comes to mind. She gives you tools, guidance, and support that will help you create a sustainable CDF program. "

    Shannon Baker

    Education Consultant

  • " It’s quite an honor to be able to continue to learn from you when you present to our NC CDF students. Your trainings always yield high marks from our CDF students. This doesn’t surprise me as your hands-on training engage participants in their learning. I’ve been involved in CDF trainings with you since 2015, and always walk away with new knowledge. "

    Felicia Gray-Watson

    Section Chief, CTE Support Services

  • " I trained under Sharon Givens in the National Career Development Association program for career development facilitator during an e-learning course. Sharon guided me through the self taught program and we talked on all of the current issues and trends in career development today. Sharon is extremely knowledgable, passionate, caring and friendly. I could (and have) talked with her for hours on the subject and had enjoyed every minute of it. "

    Leslie Juvin-Acker

    Global Intuitive Wellbeing Coach & Energy Therapist