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True Colors

What is True Colors and What Can it Do For You?

True Colors™ is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. The colors of Blue, Green, Gold and Orange are used to differentiate the four central personality styles of True Colors™.

The assessment is based on the premise that everyone has a combination of these True Colors that comprises our personality spectrum, with at least one dominant system. Identifying your own personality and other’s characteristics using True Colors provides insights into different motivations, actions, and communication approaches.

True Colors is effective because it is based on true principles and easy to remember and use, in all kinds of circumstances, from personal relationships to professional success.

“Successful people know who they are and what their True Colors are… when you know what your core values and needs are and feel good about them, you can perform at your highest potential in every area of life. And when you share a working, mutual understanding of others’ core values and needs, you have the basis to communicate, motivate, and achieve common goals with utmost dignity, efficacy, and mutual respect.”

Don Lowry

Creator, True Colors

A Brief History of True Colors

The theory behind True Colors can be traced back to when Hippocrates (460BC) identified four different temperaments of humans: Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, and the Melancholic… and in Plato’s (428BC) ideas about character and personality.

In 1978, founder Don Lowry further developed the personality concepts he studied and was the first to apply the color metaphors of Blue, Gold, Green and Orange to the four temperaments, coining this methodology: True Colors.

True Colors Workshops

The workshop is an interactive training seminar that introduces participants to the powerful True Colors concepts. Using authentic True Colors materials, participants will determine their color-based personality spectrum, including their most dominant color style and learn to recognize the True Colors of others.

  • Program Length – 1/2 day-2 day workshops
  • Goals – Promote diversity, self-awareness and team building. Sessions can be customized to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Outcomes – Individuals can understand their personality type, improve their communication and recognize their own unique strengths and preferences.


Fees are based on the duration of the workshop, number of participants and other logistical requests.

DISC Behavioral Assessment

DISC has become one of the most widely-used behavioral assessments in the world.
The DISC profile increases self-knowledge about your own behavioral style and priorities:

  • How you respond to conflict
  • What motivates you
  • What causes you stress
  • How you solve problems


DISC Workshop

The main goals of DISC is to help individuals understand themselves first. This enables one to improve their communication, workplace effectiveness, and productivity.


  • Learn how behavior impacts work effectiveness.
  • Recognize and value behavioral differences in others and improve team dynamics.
  • Insight and approach when dealing with communication challenges.
  • Enhance individual performance and contribution to a team.
  • Enables self reflection.
  • Reduce conflicts and stress.


The DISC profile can be administered for individuals and for groups.

Leadership Training

Training Visions offers specialized programs designed to help new and aspiring leaders unleash their potential, learn innovative leadership techniques and build high performing teams.

Outcomes – The workshops include powerful leadership principles including decision making, assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching.

Program Length – 1/2 day-2 day workshops

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