Training Visions Services


We are committed to industry specialization such as education, career development and psychological services. Training Visions steps in when an organization or sector cannot adequately address the issue on its own.

We are a trusted advisor to educational institutions, nonprofits and private firms competing across the entire student life cycle – from Pre-K through professional certification and higher education.

Our global education services practice has extensive knowledge of the strategic and operating realities of the education sector. We understand its unique dynamics—the sales cycles, the funding environment, the workflows, the transition from print to digital, and the tensions between business and educational goals.

Therefore, we combine our deep sector expertise with world-class horizontal strategies to deliver differentiated results.

Areas of Focus

  • K-12 (primary and secondary)
  • Higher education
  • Professional certifications
  • Corporate training
  • Human capital management

“Training Visions drives innovation in sectors that is both unique and evolving. Training Visions arch consulting services are designed to work with organizations to develop a comprehensive plan to ultimately advance their service delivery process through assisting employees to gain personal and professional capital. We will develop a vision for industry change and outline a broad agenda to achieve that vision.”

Dr. Sharon Givens

CEO, Training Visions


Training Visions is dedicated to providing expertise on a wide variety of counseling/psychological themes. We are committed to working collaboratively on key issues impacting the mental and the emotional state of the current workforce. We introduce leading edge practices and offer advisory services for functional transformation. As change becomes the new normal in the organizations today, there is a need to promote work-life balance.

Training Visions endorses workforce sustainability. We focus on major challenges that are impeding employees from maximum productivity and progress. Training Visions has an expansive list of available assessments to administer to employees as well as custom workshops. A sample list of assessments and workshops are below:






True Colors


Change Management

Conflict Resolution

Crisis Management Intervention

Work/Life Balance

The empowered workforce requires long-term perspective and commitment from internal and external resources alike. Training Visions is dedicated to facilitating and scaling the innovation that will make the image of a vested group a reality.

Career Development

Training Visions is able to assist organizations with building a Career Development infrastructure. It also evaluates their current infrastructure to empower professionals, retirees and students as active participants, to select and develop careers consistent with their values, interests, abilities, experiences, and education. Training Visions can show agencies, corporations and universities how to maximize their service principles and prepare their constituents to compete in career exploration and experiential opportunities.

Training Visions can develop a customized career development action plan that will motivate participants to expand their knowledge of themselves and their skills relevant to the global economy and community.

Our tools are comprehensive in addressing the personal and career development needs and interests in the context of an organization’s needs and the individual’s goal.

We utilize tools that:

  • Summarize the career development information clarified by engaging in the exercises in each of the phases of the career development model.
  • Supply a framework for career development conversations with your supervisor.
  • Provide a roadmap to create development activities that will help enhance your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Career development consulting services may also include workshops for core groups or large cohorts. Some topics may include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Career Awareness
  • Goal-setting
  • Skill Development
  • Career Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Career Planning
  • Job Search
  • Change & Career Resilience
  • Mental Health and Career Development
  • Soft Skills for the 21st Century

Additional topics are available upon request.

Our Methods Mean Your Success

Training Visions strives to help individuals and businesses turn their dreams into tangible results. We use evidence-based research and professional insight to develop innovative, yet practical ideas to build high-impact solutions for our clients. We offer innovative classroom instruction and eLearning methods. Our high-quality interventions and services are culturally appropriate for diverse environments.

Our areas of expertise include professional development services, expert facilitation and designing training curriculum. These services can generate competence and confidence to be the best person, employee and organization.

Our progressive solutions are specific and customized to your company’s needs. Since 2004, Training Visions has successfully completed more than 5,000 training sessions and projects nationally and globally for individuals, as well as large, leading companies and government agencies.